SIX DAYS-A Dark Erotica-Now Live on Amazon


Finn Payne
I don’t care about people. Maybe I’m a sociopath, maybe not. But the only way I can connect with another person is to control them. And the only people worth controlling are the women I f*ck. So when Ivy approaches me, that’s all I want to do.
Control her.
F*ck her.
See how far she will bend before she breaks.

But I’m also a paid assassin. And Ivy wants me to kill a man. A very bad man.
A man like me.
She says if I don’t kill him, something terrible will happen.
And I only have six days to do it.

I think she’s full of shit. Plus, I don’t take orders from anyone. So I’m just going to keep f*cking her. See what happens.
I’m not scared…


Six Days is a dark erotica, HEA Guaranteed. This novel contains explicit sexual scenes, violence, adult content, and possible triggers. For those 18 and over only.

If you like brutally hot alpha bad boys, suspenseful romance, and instalove with twists along the way, you’ll love Six Days.

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