Excerpt From My Upcoming Release: SIX DAYS (A Dark Erotic Romance)


I don’t remember falling asleep. But sometime during the night, I feel Ivy’s hand roaming up my chest. At first, I think she’s gotten cold and just wants to curl up close to her “bastard.” But as she scoots closer, her hand travels due south. I can feel her breasts touch the side of my arm as her fingers grip my cock.

I immediately spring to attention.

“I hope this is what you want, Ivy.” Because waking up a man for middle of the night sex is like pulling the pin and launching a grenade. You better be prepared for action because there’s no reversing that shit.

“It’s what I want, Finn. I need you.”

I pull in a deep breath, stretching my lungs and chest as her fingers grip me tighter. Her hand strokes me and I’m hard as steel between her soft fingers.

“Mm,” I groan as her lips kiss my neck, her tongue licks my skin, and her teeth sink into me.

She smells like hotel shampoo and lemon. Her long hair brushes my shoulder. And as much as I want to roll over her and plunge balls deep, I’m still not sure how far she wants to take this.

But I know one way to find out.

“Get on top of me,” I tell her, knowing that will give her more control, something I know she desperately needs right now.

Her breasts crush against my chest as she climbs on me. I run my palms up her back, feel the warmth of her flesh, the smoothness of those curves I’ve missed so damn much. Her mouth trails up the side of my face, stopping at my lips. I press the flat of my hand to the back of her head as she kisses me. My cock grows between my legs, pulsing against Ivy’s wet heat.

She huffs and rocks her pelvis, moving her slit up and down my length. I throb, needing to be inside her. I can hardly think right now I’m so horny.

“Okay, now you’re being a tease,” I joke, running the backs of my fingers down the sides of her tits.

“I’m not teasing, Finn. I want it. All of it.”

A soft growl rumbles in the back of my throat as I clinch my fingers around her long black strands. “In that case, all of it starts with my tongue. Lie down.”

She rolls off me and down I go, between her legs. She’s still wearing my underwear, and I can kind of see it in the dark, the way it bunches up around her. Fuck, she’s so amazingly sexy.

I grab the waist band, forcing myself to be easy. I don’t know what will trigger her, if anything. Once the boxer briefs are gone, my face is buried in her slit, licking, sucking, lapping, tasting all of her.

She hisses as I focus on her clit, moving in slow circles as I feel it enlarge. I push two fingers in her and those legs spread wider.

“Oh god, your mouth…” she moans.

Hips bucking slightly, she pumps up and down as I lick her to completion. Air escapes her lungs in ragged breaths as she comes. I reach up and touch her nipples, feel them harden on the tips of my fingers.

When she pushes my head away, I give her one more torturous lick and her body jerks. I make my way up to her chest, sucking her nipple past my lips, giving it a soft bite. Ivy grips my hair and releases a guttural laugh. “I’m so glad you aren’t treating me like a china doll.”

I gaze up at her. “I actually am treating you like a china doll.”

She bites her lip, presses her breasts together. “I wish you had the cane with you. I so need it.”

I press my fists into the pillow underneath her. I lower myself, feeling my cock leak in response to her words. “Damn it, Ivy. I need it, too. But we don’t have to go there tonight. I need to know you’re ready and not driven by middle of the night lust. Besides, my balls are about to explode. If I used the cane on you right now, I’d probably bust a nut.”

Ivy kicks her legs up around my waist, clasps her feet together. “Okay. You know best.”

I sit back up, settling between her legs, gripping her hips with my hands. I angle my cock to her entrance. “When I said I loved you, I meant it. I’ll always do what’s best for you.”

She pulls in a breath as I press the head of my cock into her folds, stretch her wide with my girth. “And right now, I’m going to demonstrate my love for you by fucking you as hard as I can. If you need me to stop you know what to say.”

“I know what to say but I won’t say it. I won’t need to. Hard and fast as you can and don’t be afraid to make it hurt because I know the more it hurts the more you love me.”

Fuck, she’s hitting me right in the feels, wherever that is on me. It starts in my chest and ripples through my gut, and definitely vibrates into my dick.

“Baby,” I say, pushing all the way inside of her. She gasps and her belly tightens. “I don’t know how much hurting I can do with my cock. But I’ll fucking do my best.”



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All written content copyright Brittany Adams 2017.

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