PERFECT GIRL: A New Adult Erotic Romance – Coming August 2017


Women pay me for sex.

But they don’t pay me to do what they want. They pay me to do what I want. They need to be dominated and their husbands don’t have what it takes.

That’s fine because I do.

When I get a new client—an inexperienced virgin who wants me to show her how to please a man—I’m speechless for the first time ever. She’s perfect in every way.

Shit. Girls like Paige don’t even have to try.

She’s a paying client, though, and she needs my help. So who am I to turn down this body of perfection?

I can even leave her virginity intact. So long as she gives me another part of herself, equally delicate. I’ll just convince her that’s what all good girls do to please their man…

… and hope I don’t scare her away in the process.

Because I think I want her as more than a client. I think I’m falling for this girl.


Colton Gardner is every girl’s dream: rich, powerful, successful. He’s also with a different woman every week, searching for that perfect girl.

I can be his perfect girl.

The only problem is, I’m innocent. I have no idea how to please a man.

Colton won’t give me the time of day much less a second date if I can’t satisfy him on the first. My friend says there’s someone who can help me, though. Max Hunter can train me, teach me the ways around a cock. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes–without sacrificing my virginity–to become the best lover Colton’s ever known.

Until Max tries to push me way past my comfort zone, and I’m shocked that I’ve put myself in this position with a man who’s nothing more than a glorified prostitute. I didn’t want to have my heart broken.

I only wanted to be his perfect girl.


PERFECT GIRL is my latest upcoming release. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and erotic, and because of that, it’s a little different from my last book, KILLER. So if you’re expecting something similar, let me be clear: this book is not dark.

About Perfect Girl

Max likes to think of himself as a paid top, but, as Paige so eloquently put it, he’s really nothing more than a glorified male prostitute. He keeps himself safely detached from all his clients because he doesn’t want to fall in love. Being single is way too much fun, after all.

But then Paige Anderson comes along and shakes his world up.

Paige is a college-aged virgin/girl-next-door type, and she thinks she needs someone to show her how to please a man in bed. Max knows he shouldn’t take advantage of the situation, but one look at this thing of perfection, and he knows he’d be crazy to turn her away.

But when real feelings come into play, someone’s bound to get hurt. Especially when Max convinces Paige that she has to give up something incredibly sacred in order to really make the man of her dreams “stick around.”

Will she be able to give up this part of herself to someone who gets paid to fuck women? Or will she tell him to fuck off?

Find out when the book is released this month!

P.S. If you’d like a review copy, shoot me an email at taboocow at gmail and let me know if you’d prefer a mobi or epub file. I will send it along as soon as it’s ready, sometime this month.

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