Monster Series Complete


Book 5 in the Monster series is now live on Amazon, which means the series is now complete. If you haven’t started, you may want to skip this post and go straight to wherever you shop to get Book 1 for free.






It really happened. Perry took that journey down, that long descent into dark waters. Though in reality, he didn’t have that far to travel.

I wanted Perry to hurt. I wanted payback for him using me, lying to me, blackmailing me, and threatening to expose my secret.

There were so many red flags along the way—flags I chose to ignore. But now it’s too late. And as Alex and I try to put the pieces of our lives back together, I’m not sure if we can get past all that has happened. After all, we are partly to blame for the catastrophe that took place. The catastrophe otherwise known as Perry.Monster 5

I want to move on. I want to get past it all. I need to believe that Alex won’t be reminded of what happened to his son every time he looks at me. But how can I believe that if every time I look at him, I am reminded too?

It’s going to take something big, a huge revelation. A shocking change to rattle our world so that we can we forgive ourselves and love each other freely, the way Alex and I were meant to love.


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