Monster, An Excerpt From Book 2


This week’s excerpt is from book 2 of Monsterwhich is told from Alex’s perspective. In this scene, Alex has just told Liz what he wants her to do so that she and Perry can be together (you know, that cliffhanger from book 1? Yeah, that). We get to see her reaction, spoiler free, I pinky promise!


Something clicked into place just then. I could hear it and I know she felt it. There was movement across her eyes. A flash of dark. A spark of energy. Her lips parted and her breath was warm against my face. I blinked a few times, watching her closely, not wanting to miss even the tiniest muscle twitch.

Then she licked her lips and cast her gaze book 2 excerpt

Connection broken. Shit.

“I think you’re under the wrong impression about me. I can’t help you, Alex.”

She wiggled out from underneath me and walked to the sliding glass door, shooting a hard gaze out towards the night skyline. And now it was time for me to make her unscared. So I approached her from behind, wrapping an arm around her waist, allowing her to feel my strength. She tensed, but still placed her hand on top of mine.

“I want you to imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning with Perry, to never have to want for a thing. To be able to attend parties with him, openly displaying the love that you have for one another. Having his children and being able to send them to the best colleges without killing yourself in the process. Giving them the life that you never had, Liz.”

I knew that sentence would hit where it counted. And it must have worked because she flipped her head to the side.

“You can keep working for Gene if you wish,” I continued, “or you can have a position in the company, a bank account with your name on it so you can shop whenever you want, a home with the finest wines, and a fireplace to share the warmth with the man that you love.” I leaned in close and put my mouth against her ear, making sure every word, every syllable was heard.

And she moved closer to me as I kept talking. “That woman has all those things with Perry now. And what do you think will happen if she gets pregnant? Because that’s what she’s trying for, Liz. Has been for months.”

She flinched. My words were having an effect.


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If you haven’t yet started the series, here is a link to Monster Book 1, which is Permafree.