Month: March 2016

Monster: Excerpt From Book 4

  This week’s excerpt comes from Monster Book 4. In this scene, Alex has just seen the pictures of his son left behind at work. Can you say Indecent Exposure? I knew you could… Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I repeatedly pressed the tenth floor button, taking several deep breaths to calm myself. I could easily go into a rage over this, and… Read more →

Monster, STEAMY Excerpt From Book 3 #NSFW

  Do you know what time it is? No, it’s not Easter yet **sad face** But…. I have something equally good! A hot little R-rated excerpt from Book 3 of the Monster series. In this scene, Liz and Alex haven’t really “made up” from their fight the previous night. Until now. Enjoy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When a knock at the door startled… Read more →

Monster, An Excerpt From Book 2

  This week’s excerpt is from book 2 of Monster, which is told from Alex’s perspective. In this scene, Alex has just told Liz what he wants her to do so that she and Perry can be together (you know, that cliffhanger from book 1? Yeah, that). We get to see her reaction, spoiler free, I pinky promise! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Something clicked into… Read more →

Monster, An Excerpt from Book 1

  I’m this close to publishing the last two books in the Monster series! To celebrate (and to share because sharing is caring), I will be posting excerpts from each book. This excerpt includes a scene from book 1. Liz admits to Perry, in her own special way, that she doubts her submissive nature. Or maybe she just doubts her… Read more →

Half: Dark Poetry

  My voice is silent. I am vacant. Empty.   A dry umbrella. An empty grave. A soulless body.   I am the fat that’s cut away. All of the flavor, none of the meat.   I am the clouds, looking for the sky. All the puffy white, none of the blue.   I am the poetry without a poet.… Read more →