Choke: Prose Poetry



Prose Poetry by Brittany Adams

Art by Unknown

prose poetry 4I was told not to fall for him, that he was the devil’n disguise.

I guess I should have told them I was on the fast track to hell anyway. And now he’s not just my desire, but an addiction. and being without him is oxygen deprivation–like monster tentacles and charcoal smoke filling my lungs and choking me until I can’t breathe.


Millennial Curse

Prose Poetry by Brittany Adams.

Photo by Howard Schatz.


When he said “for all eternity,” I wouldn’t have guessed he meant as a statue at the bottom of the ocean. But there I sat for a thousand years, my flesh hard like my heart, my thoughts swimming like the creatures, my fears swelling with the tide then weakening with the ebb. prose poetry 1

But now the curse has expired, and I will rise to the top like cream, floating to the crest of the highest wave and tossing my fears to the wind. I will lift my tired head, and I will pull my bow, taking aim at the man who stole my youth and shredded my innocence.



Prose Poetry by Brittany Adams

Art by Unknown


He said he wanted someone with twice the brains, twice the vision, and twice the beauty of the average woman. She wanted someone with a sense of humor.

prose poetry 3


So she picked up the skull, placed it on her head, and waited for him to choose her.