Eternal Monster F*ck: Dark Erotic Flash Fiction #3



He came to me when I was at the lowest of lows. That was when he showed himself.

He wafted up through the floorboards, drifting along the hardwood, slow and sultry like he had all the time in the world to prove his point and I had all the time to hear him out. Which shows just how intimately connected we were.

With a half bottle of rum on board, I watched him move upward in a dance that mesmerized me. He rose like a plume of smoke, morphing into long black ribbons that reached across the room and wrapped around me.

Finger-like projections extended and lifted my shirt, blazed across my skin, and unfastened my bra.

He began to take shape, first two arms with bulging muscles, then his chest and abdomen covered in hair like a wildebeest. Legs, long and thick pushed him upward until he was towering over me. His head formed last, with two glowing blue eyes to seduce me.

His tongue snaked out and found my breasts, lapping at each one. I tried to pull away from him. I don’t know why because I didn’t want it to stop. It was a knee-jerk reaction, something I thought I was supposed to do. I had always been the good girl.

But not anymore.

I glanced between his legs and his muscle grew, extending outward from a patch of dark hair, long and thick, twitching and angry and red and seeping with desire. He bore his teeth and growled but I wasn’t afraid. His hands found my skirt and ripped it off before tossing it aside.

He stood over me, his expression softening as I spread my legs, welcoming him. His cock pulsated before driving in and out of me in hard thrusts that made my hands tingle. Something brushed along my clit, back and forth in quick movements, and I came as his fluid jetted out in long spurts until my insides were burning.

“Have you ever been fucked by a monster?” he asked.

His voice was deep, a low hum, a palpable melodic vibration that soothed my ears and shook my soul.

“Are you a good monster or a bad monster?”

He laughed and his muscle slid out of me, dripping monster jizz everywhere. A sizzle sounded as it hit the wood floors, and gray smoke wiggled upward until it reached the ceiling.

“I’m a good monster,” he answered, cocking his head and leaning down to trail his tongue along my nipples. “So good that I’m willing to take you when I leave.”

“Oh? When are you leaving?” I moaned, my thoughts halted as my nipples pebbled in his mouth.

“Right this moment. I have a dungeon with a king-size bed and three other women as beautiful as you waiting to share me. I will watch them fuck you and you will watch them fuck me and they will watch me fuck you and this is how it will be for all eternity.”

He lifted me up, my body naked and drugged, and he began morphing back into ribbons and smoke. His blue monster eyes glowed red in the center as he watched me.

I hung suspended there, hovering in the atmosphere—temporarily aimless, momentarily directionless, and virtually motionless, until we both began to disappear to his dungeon for our eternal monster f*ck.


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Photo courtesy of polaus via Deviant Art.