New Season, New Series. It’s Getting Dark in Here!

It appears that summer has sunk down upon us like a sweaty, sedated beast, hunkering down for the duration. I hope that’s not true, and the abnormally high “highs” will go as quickly as they came. But for now, here are some writing stuffs.

I’ve been publishing books about every 2-3 weeks for a while now. But I’m working on a new series that is taking me longer to write. It’s darker. It’s deeper. And it’s filled with much more pain than the Sold to the Master series.

So, here’s the dealio. I don’t want anyone to think I’ve been derailed by real life. I am still firmly planted in fantasy land with this new series. I don’t have a title yet. But I do have a short synopsis and an excerpt to share. Oh, and if you’re wondering… yes, it’s a romantic suspense with intensely dark and erotic elements. With the following characters on board, how could it not be infused with the dark sexy stuff? 🙂


One sadist. One masochist. Two complete strangers. Kidnapped and brought together. How are they connected, and how will they manage to survive?Dark Woman-254101

Lyric thought she was having a bad day. But it was about to get worse. When she is kidnapped and left alone in a cold, dark room, she has no idea what’s in store for her.

But it turns out she doesn’t have to figure it out on her own. She’s been left in the company of a sadistic killer, who’s also been kidnapped.

Their journey of survival truly begins when their captor leaves them with instructions – a set of tasks for each of them to complete, totally in the dark. They are tasks that seem to be impossible, but if not accomplished, will result in their death. For their kidnapper, it appears as though this is nothing more than a game, a form of sick entertainment. But for Lyric and Nolan, their lives are hanging in the balance.


We ate in silence, and I entertained the multitude of ways I could make Nolan see my beauty. But I was grasping at invisible straws. I had told him one of my most painful secrets, and he seemed about as unimpressed as I imagined he would be. But then it occurred to me. What the hell kind of sadist is unimpressed with a painful past? It was bad enough that I so easily revealed that part of myself to him. It had always been the other way around. As a teen, I would get guys to see my beauty by revealing my body to them, slowly and seductively stripping away the outside layers, being very careful to not reveal the inside layers where all the bad stuff was. But here in the dark, I couldn’t do that. Hence, the challenge. If I had any shot at surviving, I was going to have to get creative. And if things went the way I wanted, Nolan would be the second man to see the real me—the wretched, cobweb covered, disgusting, vile part that had formed my core personality: the masochist. But instead of it almost killing me like it had in the past, it would keep me alive.


I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed writing a story so much in my life. Being a huge fan of dark fiction, it’s no surprise my writing would take a turn down ’emo’ lane. It will be my longest book to date, and will likely be a two-part series. Expect part 1 sometime in July. And be sure to subscribe to my mailing list by entering your email above. That way, you’ll be notified as soon as it goes live!