New Release – Enslaved By Him, Sold to the Master 3

If you’ve been following the Sold to the Master Serial, you’ll be happy to know that part 3 is now live on Amazon. Enslaved By Him concludes the story between Aaron Stone and Raven Callahan. In the following excerpt, Raven and her master have just left the hospital following the boat explosion. Aaron realizes that Raven doesn’t feel safe with him, and he becomes convinced that he needs to set her free. But is it really what she wants?


At this point, Master is inches away from my face, and I can practically smell the anger seeping from him. But anger is a secondary emotion, used as a defense to hide something else that shows weakness. He’s not mad because I’m chastising him. He’s mad because he’s hurt. He doesn’t want me to know that he’s hurt or that I’m responsible for his pain. Well, that goes both ways. I don’t want to be responsible for hurting anyone either. But once again, my impulsive behavior has created a ripple effect.

“Isn’t this what you wanted from the beginning, Raven?”

I hesitate. It is what I wanted, but I want him too. I want security. And I want to know that I can trust him without wanting to run away every time something bad happens. But how do I put that into words?

“I guess it is, Master.” I hang my head in shame and start to tell him everything in my heart and mind. But when he reaches behind my neck and unbuckles the collar, my lips become paralyzed.

“I’m not Master anymore, Raven.” His voice is calm. My stomach starts shaking and tears well up in my eyes. I feel him as he removes the leather. He’s so serious, his brow ribboned as he works with a purpose—to release me from him. His gaze is solemn once the opals are gone from my neck. And I am empty. “Now, Mistress Perini is waiting for you. Why don’t you go in there and do what you do best?”

He tucks the collar in his pocket like it’s nothing more than used tissue and walks away. My fists are curled and I don’t even want to go inside and see my favorite modeling agent, but I don’t have a choice. Once again, I’m stuck.

If I’m finally at the one place I’ve dreamed about for months, then why does it feel like my world is crumbling all around me?

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